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GameDev Estonia (GDE) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of the Estonian game industry and unites its developers. We represent individual Estonian video game developers, development companies, outsourcing companies, research centers and educational organizations. We cooperate with local governmental entities and European support programs.

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Data & Studies

Mapping out the Estonian gamedev landscape and presenting reliable data


Organisation of gamedev meetings and promotion of local projects


Organization and support of educational activities

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"The main goal is to bring together local game development forces, companies, entrepreneurs and ultimately universities. We would like to have a unified vision of what the Estonian game development industry is."
Ott Madis Ozolit
CEO, Placeholder Gameworks
"Our first step is to map out the Estonian game dev scene. This info at the moment is not available in a beautiful, packaged way. Then we will check what needs an improvement, for example how many young people are studying game development and getting their diploma, how many people are working in this sector. We will propose solutions to improve those statistics and showcase our plan on the governmental level."
Marten Palu
CEO, Gamecan

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We are taking part in Development of support structures for the creative economy 2019-2021

GameDev Estonia, with the permission of EAS (Enterprise and Innovation Foundation) and IGDA Estonia, is taking part in the project aimed at development of support structures for the creative economy (Eesti mängutööstuse arendusprogramm).

Project goals: Mediating international contacts, acquiring the knowledge needed to compete in the global market, increasing export capacity through the creation of business-friendly contacts, participation in foreign trade fairs and the organization of business-oriented conferences, raising the field and market awareness, increasing the sustainability of companies and linking the potential in the creative economy with business through events focused on increasing the knowledge and experience necessary for business.

Project start and end: 01.07.2020 – 30.09.2023

Grant: €200,000.00