District 1

Where Game Talents Meet Opportunity

A 10-minute walkable city district for the video game industry that acquires, retains and grows talents.

Nestled in Estonia, one of the world's most digital nations, District 1 is a community for studios and developers to thrive.

Is a lack of talents
Holding You Back?

We have the Answer.

By 2030, the high tech industry is projected to lose $8.5 trillion due to a lack of skilled professionals. At District 1, we bridge this for the video game industry, creating a holistic ecosystem where studios can seamlessly connect with top talent and developers.

District 1

A Game-Changer

Live, Work, Play

District 1 isn't just a business district – it's a community. Imagine walkable streets, green spaces, on-site entertainment, and a vibrant social scene. Everything you need for a fulfilling life, all within a 10-minute walk.

Net Zero Development

District 1 prioritizes renewable energy sources (solar panels, wind turbines, hydrogen storage) and sustainable construction practices (use of wood, energy-efficient buildings) PassivHaus standard for a greener future.Be a part of a smarter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Globally Connected, Locally Rooted

District 1 leverages Estonia's top digital nation status, offering excellent infrastructure and a business-friendly environment. Enjoy the benefits of a global hub with the charm of a seaside resort town.

Unlike Any Other

Our unique 4E Framework

fosters a holistic environment integrating Education (industry-specific programs), Employment (office spaces for game studios), Entertainment (restaurants, sports facilities), and a sustainable, walkable Environment.

District offers City-as-a-Service (CaaS),

integrating essential urban services for residents and businesses, fostering collaboration and efficiency. Through dynamic interaction and data-driven operations, we promote urban sustainability and long-term commitment.

Walkable, Human-Centric City Design

We prioritize pedestrian accessibility and community interaction to spark connections and creativity.

Your Competitive Advantage

A Thriving Ecosystem: District 1 fosters a collaborative environment where game studios, educational institutions, and talent connect seamlessly. This holistic approach ensures a steady flow of skilled professionals equipped to push the boundaries of the video game industry.
EPIC-Authorized Unreal Engine Center: District 1 boasts the first EPIC-authorized Unreal Engine center in Northern Europe. This provides companies with access to a highly trained workforce equipped with the latest game development tools and technologies.
Cost Advantage: Companies can benefit from significant cost savings compared to major tech hubs.
Unbeatable Quality of Life: Our ideal location in Pärnu County, Estonia, leverages the country’s status as a top digital nation. This translates to excellent infrastructure, a supportive business environment, and a high quality of life a beautiful seaside location with a thriving community.


Attract top talent, foster innovation, and reduce operational costs within a thriving community modern Estonia.


Launch your career, access world-class education, and enjoy a perfect work-life balance with on-site amenities and entertainment.


Invest in the future of the video game industry within a sustainable and replicable development model, generating long-term returns.

Begin your journey!

District 1 by Clever Cities Group is a talent hub in Estonia, a European country consistently recognised by the UN as one of the most digital nations in the world for over a decade. We offer video game companies a solution for talent acquisition and retention while fostering thriving careers for individuals and generating sustainable returns for investors.
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The Team

Thomas Abraham

CEO and Board Member

Built and exited an IP VPN company and also a mobile payments company, growing it from two to four hundred across India, Spain, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Red Herring 100 Asia winner.

Marten Palu

Board Member

Founder of Gamecan, a rapidly growing company in Estonia’s summer capital, Pärnu. Built a vibrant ecosystem for tech workers, wherein 78% of the studio’s team is from 21 nationalities.

Kert Evert


Technology professional and founder of the Baltics’ largest and greenest data
center, securing over €100M in funding.

Ene Saluste


Board member and CFO of manufacturing company ETS Nord, helped to grow
from 2M to over 70M, expanding operations across multiple regions.

Dr. Jonathan Reichental

Advisory Board

SMART cities expert, former CIO of Palo Alto, awarded one of the 25 Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers in Government in the USA. Advisor to various governments on SMART cities, data and governanace.

Garrett Weinzierl

Advisory Board

Game industry veteran who has been supporting District 1

Raido Lember

Advisory Board

Former CEO of Invest in Estonia, his network from governments to investment community members from Japan to Scandinavia is an asset.

Calum Cameron

Head of Sustainability

Built collaborations between Startups and the Estonian Government as the head
of business at Accelerate Estonia, the innovation lab co-designed with the Ministry of Economics and Communication.

Piret Mikkelsaar


Former Credit Controller at Ruukki with 18 years in the AEC (Architecture-Engineering- Construction) industry, she brings value to CCG and our CEO, across multiple functional domains.

Piret Maasik

Business Manager

Has extensive experience in community management, NGOs, culture, and
education. Her expertise in sustainable development and inclusion is an asset.

Tuuli Veetamm

Head of Human Resources

Leads HR for Clever Cities Group.

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