GameDev Estonia events survey

2022 review and 2023 plans
Let's review 2022!
This short questionaire is made to make our 2023 schedule more interesting and valuable to the local gamedev community.

What events have you attended in 2022?*

What was our most important event for you in 2022?

What kind of event was missing in 2022 but was needed?

Let's plan 2023!

What our planned events you wish to attend in 2023?*

What event you want us to organise this year?

How much are you willing to pay to attend an event with free snacks?

Media channels

Are you interested in our YouTube video contentl?

What Social Media channels are you regularly checking?*

Do we need to make a mailing list and send the most important info on your email?

Other suggestions on how to spread the news?

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