Estonian team at Gamescom 2022

Gamescom has just ended, and our Estonian delegation is back at home. This was a valuable experience for many Estonian studios. Estonia was part of the Nordic and Baltic booth in the Business area. For most Estonian teams this was their first Gamescom.

Baltic Explorers program helped to bring to the event Joyxir (hyper casual mobile games), Placeholder Gameworks (Broken Alliance), Maru VR Productions (Bootstrap Island), Not Bad Games (Freddyssey), Henri Hanson from Tartu Teaduspark, and Andrejs Rusinovskis (GameDev Estonia representative).

With the help of IGDA Estonia and EAS – Enterprise Estonia even more studios went to the event – CM Games, Ringtail Studios, and Mainor University. Gamecan had their people present at Gamescom too.

Andrejs Rusinovskis, CEO of Gamedev Estonia NGO: “The Estonian game developer community is becoming increasingly active, incl. on the international stage. There were pretty successful games published in recent years that brought a lot of export revenue for the country. I can point out “Into the Radius” and “Death and Taxes” as examples, which have succeeded in their various market niches. We can only hope that our country will be well represented at Gamescom in the upcoming years. “