Best Estonian Game of 2022 Quiz

Let’s see what was your favorite Estonian (at least partly produced) game in 2022. We collected all of the full releases, so Dark Chess and Office Management 101 are not on the list because in 2022 they only went to Early Access, and Into the Radius Meta Edition is a new edition of the already released game from the previous year.

Best Estonian game of 2022


BLASTRONAUT is a mining game in a procedural alien world. Explore, extract and profit.

Developer: Perfoon Games

Circle Empires Tactics

It’s Circle Empires like never before! Take to the field in simultaneous turn-based tactical battles. Combine powerful magical tokens to infuse your army with unstoppable power, and take on evil demigods in a single-player. Or peer into the minds of your friends and predict their plans in multiplayer.

Developer: Luminous

Haiku the Robot

Delve into the depths of a mechanical world in this cute, adventure-exploration game. Explore and fight in a land full of corrupt robots and machinery. All while seeking answers to the mysteries around you.

Developer: Mister Morris Games

Born Punk (art made in Estonia)

A former combat hacker, a corporate CEO, and a malfunctioning android get possessed by mysterious, otherworldly entities and must band together to save themselves and uncover the entities’ origins. Talk, puzzle, and explore your way through this (often humorous) cyberpunk thriller.

Developer: Insert Disk 22

Artist Life Simulator

Live the life of artists in 19th-century alternative history. Collect and combine feelings, memories, ideas, and inspirations. Fight with depression, addiction or madness & other demons of the psyche. Paint masterpieces, sell them for riches (or scraps), and explore the city of Nova Oportunia.

Developer: Interactive Fate